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News / Updates Archives: Standards


Communications among staff and with students, parents, and schools that students regularly attend are clear and complete. All are informed of what they need to know in a timely manner. Relationships at all levels are constructive and mutually supporting. There is safe access and egress to and from all parts […]

Student Attendance/Conduct/Records/ Counseling

The school accounts for the presence of its students and meets all local regulations for maintaining their health and safety. Unexplained absences are reported to parents/guardians and legal authority in a timely manner. A student code of conduct is in written form and consistently enforced. Procedures for the expulsion of […]

Management and Supervision

There is a table of organization. Lines of authority, relationship, and accountability are defined. Job descriptions and work schedules are regularly reviewed. There is a plan for staff development. Staff appointment and termination practices reflect consistency and freedom of bias. Annual state-of-the-school reports are issued. An up-to-date policies and procedures […]

Cultural Relevancy

The learning climate reflects a positive cultural image. Specific tribal culture, history, and language are integrated into the curriculum. Community members and tribal elders contribute to classroom instruction. Tribal language and customs are valued. School staff are given training to increase their understanding of tribal culture and values. The school […]

School Improvement and Development

The school staff conducts a collegial self-study followed by an external peer review and action plan. The school maintains a disciplined knowledge of its future with projections of income, expense, enrollment, special populations, and trends in which the school operates. The school maintains long-range planning (or strategic planning) documents which […]

Educational Services and Education Personnel

The educational mission of the school is clearly documented and supported by school, staff, and administration. The curriculum is well-defined and rigorous. Methods and materials are professionally sanctioned and instruction is in groups of a size that encourages and permits the effective treatment of individual differences. An effective program for […]

Legal Status and Financial Adequacy

The legal status of the school is clearly defined and the school is approved for its operations by the tribal governing body within whose jurisdiction it is located. The school is adequately financed. Levels of income and expenditure are in reasonable balance. Overall financial resources are sufficient to assure the […]