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Communications among staff and with students, parents, and schools that students regularly attend are clear and complete. All are informed of what they need to know in a timely manner. Relationships at all levels are constructive and mutually supporting. There is safe access and egress to and from all parts of the facility with adequate provisions for the movement of handicapped persons. Digital equipment and media required for the effective implementation of educational and administrative functions is adequate, up-to-date, and effectively used.

7.1     Members of the staff are provided with all the information they need concerning students, parents, school operations, and employment status.

7.2     Staff morale reflects positive staff attitudes toward the school, its students, the parents, the administration, and the school community.

7.3     There is evidence of communications with other appropriate professionals, schools, and agencies, such as public health and mental health agencies.

7.4     Provisions are made to assure records and other correspondence defining students’ accomplishments are accurate and consistent with professional standards.

7.5     Relationships with former students are positive and productive.

7.6     The school’s relationship with the other educational agencies are professional and productive.

7.7     Relationships with community members and other educational institutions are strong.

7.8     The school can provide evidence that all provisions and precautions needed to insure the health and safety of staff and students are in place. This should include Crisis and Emergency Response Plans.

7.9     Digital equipment and media used in instruction are up-to-date, functional, and appropriate for the purposes to which they are dedicated. Technology staff are knowledgeable of current and future trends.

7.10    Reporting to parents and outside agencies are timely and include at a minimum staff and student attendance, discipline, and progress toward goals. Frequent academic progress is reported to students and parents.