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Educational Services and Education Personnel

The educational mission of the school is clearly documented and supported by school, staff, and administration. The curriculum is well-defined and rigorous. Methods and materials are professionally sanctioned and instruction is in groups of a size that encourages and permits the effective treatment of individual differences. An effective program for students provides a balance of educational experiences which actively involves each child in learning activities, is based on knowledge of human growth and development, and relies on sound learning principles. The school presents convincing demonstration that each member of educational and administrative staff is fully qualified to perform the duties assigned. The school evaluates the performance of each member of its staff and provides appropriate interventions, consultation and guidance. School personnel will adhere to all background requirements.

2.1     There is a written statement of mission, philosophy, values, outcomes and goals which has been developed by the community and staff of the school; it is annually reviewed and is available to the public.

2.2     The curriculum is defined by scope and sequence or other similar progressive processes. There are content standards, performance standards, and benchmarks at specific exit levels. Positive methods of motivation are used. There is evidence of cultural integration in all content areas.

2.3     Materials and methods of instruction are consistent with the mission, philosophy, values and goals of the curriculum and of the school. Instructional methods and materials reflect the culture of the tribal community.

2.4     The school meets the requirements for a program of learning which leads to a diploma or other form of completion and preparation for the next level of learning/life.

2.5     There is a continuous professional development plan for staff including an implementation phase.

2.6     The interpersonal relationships between staff and students enhance learning.

2.7     All teaching employees have a credential or certification from a state, meet regional accrediting standards, meet national or federal standards or regulations, or, in specialty areas such as art or tribal languages, have a portfolio of educational, personal, or professional evidence that reveals they are fully qualified to perform the duties assigned to them.

2.8     The educational leadership in charge of the school evaluate the professional performance of each member of the staff and results of the evaluation are privately shared with persons evaluated, with appropriate counseling and plans of assistance, as needed.

2.9     The school conducts yearly staff evaluations and maintains confidentiality of individual staff evaluations.

2.10   Staff members are in sufficient number as to effectively perform all educational and administrative functions of the school. No staff member is regularly overloaded.

2.11   All school personnel will follow and adhere to federal and tribal background requirements upon employment to be renewed every five (5) years.