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School Improvement and Development

The school staff conducts a collegial self-study followed by an external peer review and action plan. The school maintains a disciplined knowledge of its future with projections of income, expense, enrollment, special populations, and trends in which the school operates. The school maintains long-range planning (or strategic planning) documents which reveals how it will maintain continuous improvement. The plan is distributed to the community.

3.1     The school has conducted a self-study that successfully defines its philosophy, mission, values, student outcomes, and goals.

3.2     The self-study contains self-evaluations that identify strengths and areas for improvement. The self-study is (in general) confirmed by a team of evaluators using peer review procedures.

3.3     The school maintains projections that reveal trends and tendencies underway in its various sub-systems including income, expense, enrollment, and special populations.

3.4     The school has a plan for its future that indicates goals, needed resources based on data analysis, and identifies those responsible for their accomplishment.

3.5   The school shows evidence of regular monitoring of the School Improvement Plan.

3.6   The school will distribute school improvement and other plans to the community.