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Student Attendance/Conduct/Records/ Counseling

The school accounts for the presence of its students and meets all local regulations for maintaining their health and safety. Unexplained absences are reported to parents/guardians and legal authority in a timely manner. A student code of conduct is in written form and consistently enforced. Procedures for the expulsion of any student for cause are known and consistently applied. Counseling is provided as needed. Exit counseling is conducted prior to final exit from school. Records of admission, progress, achievement, and recommendations for future study are safely and securely preserved. Occasional follow-up studies of former students are conducted.

6.1    There is a clearly designed format and procedures for recording the daily attendance of each student.

6.2    The school immediately notified parents (or other identified authority) of unexplained absences.

6.3      Guidelines for student rights, responsibilities, and student code of conduct are identified and known by all students, parents, and members of the staff.

6.4      Procedures for the expulsion of any student for cause are established, written and consistently applied.

6.5    The school environment and all operations are designed and developed with a conscious concern for the health and safety of all students and staff.

6.6      Developmental, social/emotional, academic, and personal counseling relevant to academic progress are provided as needed.

6.7    A structure is in place for the establishment and secure preservation of records of all students’ activities from their admission through exit.

6.8    Interventions are offered and exit counseling is conducted upon final exit from the school.

6.9    Follow-up studies of promoted or graduated students and/or their parents or the community are conducted.